The Opportunity It Has Afforded

Every rose has it’s thorn, its’ true.  But every rose also has beautiful petals and a glorious fragrance as well!

The internet lifestyle is one that is “against the grain” still, as of April 2016.

People understand there is power to be leveraged on the internet, and some are pulling it off successfully; however, the overall general stigma of the “internet lifestyle” is that of a slacker, a lazy bum, or otherwise sleazy salesman.

We, as a people, fear what we don’t understand.

All people really understand are results and, unfortunately, money is the main result that ties us all together.

Why that is?  That’s a different discussion for a different day.

But I can still remember my first internet “mailbox check” to this day–the feeling was indescribable.

I was still working a nine to five job and living with my mom and step dad at the time.

They knew I was discontent with my career because I had hit a plateau and had no more room for advancement in my current position.

I’ll never forget my step-dad handing me the envelope saying, “what’s click bank?” as my mom watched on.

I gave a brief explanation of what I was doing with some affiliate marketing stuff and they both couldn’t help but be intrigued.  They saw the check; therefore, they believed.

But it didn’t stop there!

I took that check to my teller at my bank for deposit, and she gave me the same crooked look I had gotten from my step-dad–“what’s click bank?” she asked.

I told her that this was a bi-weekly check I would be depositing from some YouTube promotion I had been doing.  Her face instantaneously lit up.  She saw the check, and she believed.

With passive income streams building, the freedom it afforded began to multiply as well.

I found myself taking time to do things I enjoyed doing–disc golf, kayaking, going over to my girlfriend’s house late at night not worrying about how early I would have to wake up.

Because the money was real, the opportunity was real, I was able to stand on it.  Not only stand on it, but grow that residual income.

During this process, a brand new world was opened to me.  A world without the restriction of time in most cases, and a world with a brand new perspective on what money is, as well as what money isn’t.

Jim Rohn was correct in saying that what you receive when you “arrive” is nothing compare to what you become!

The opportunities available to us via the internet are endless.  Literally unfathomable to our minds because of our scarcity programming that we’re force fed.

But a greater life exists, and we all have the potential to tap into it.

There are internet millionaires being made all the time–are you one of them?

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