What It Cost Me

I had found a new passion, which was awesome!  You can check it out to this day over at jordobeats.com, but what was more exciting is the potential that this passion had to completely change my life.

If you’re still reading this blog, it’s because you understand, at least at some level, the doors that internet marketing can open for you.  I say that, and you know that, because the ability to make money a non-factor in life, combined with a lack of having to punch a time card is an exciting proposition to say the least.

As you embark on the journey though, beware, as not everyone will be able to see, nor will they be able to understand your new passions and the doors you believe could open soon for you.

This became very real for me early in my entrepreneurial days.  Like most internet entrepreneurs, I was jacked with new knowledge and I had a desire to take some massive action out the gate.  Because I was inspired to do things such as building websites, working on SEO, advertising, you name it–other areas in my life took a bit of a hit.

One relationship in particular, with my high school sweetheart, ended due to my passion for unlocking the world of internet marketing.

She liked to go out, like to party and hit the bars–I saw that not only as a waste of money, but a waste of time that I could be spending on building our future.

As it turned out, our future became my future, as she was unable to see the vision. And as sweet of a girl as she was, if she couldn’t see and understand that I was trying to build our future, then I had no place for her in my life–not to mention all the other habits of hers that didn’t necessarily sit well with me.

I tell you that to tell you this–the road toward building your internet empire is going to be one with many obstacles that will come in many forms and fashions.

If this type of life is something that you desire, then you must realize that it must also be the thing you dedicate yourself to.

Understand that the person you’ll become when you have built your empire is not the person that you are now–you will endure a change  And while change is scary, rest assured that this change will be one that you welcome, as it has come about because you have deiced to follow your goals and you have taken action in achieving them.

You will take losses along the way, but I hope that you will endure, as the rewards are more than worth it for me, and I hope the same for you.

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