Discontentment: The Beginning

My plan was the stereotypical, run of the mill, middle-class aspiring white kid.

Go to school, graduate, head off to college, do your thing and get yourself a degree.

It was awesome really–mostly because, for me, it seemed easy enough, and it was a confidence booster that I could handle the challenges associated with obtaining the goals I had set for myself.

After getting my degree, I continued in my grunt-work call center job for a couple months before I was able to land a job that had anything to do with the field I graduated in.

Once I finally did break into the the psychology world, at an entry-level group home worker, I thought I had really arrived–I mean, come on, it was my first big boy job, ya know?

After about six months of putting my hours in, and doing good work mind you, I was “promoted” to a case manager that got to work in the field.

After working with low-income children and their families for another year or so, my initial group home asked me to come back and take the head honcho role at the home I once worked at.

Boy, did I think I was the bees neez?

Little did I know that obtaining a job in my field and getting two promotions within my first two years landed me at basically my ceiling within the company, making about half the salary I had imagined I’d be making by following this path.

That’s when it all kicked in.  If I was gong to live this life I had in my mind, I was going to have to do it start making some moved for myself, because I realized that it was not going to be given to me easily–like a lot of things in my life up to this point.

The “path” that my parents and their parents could take to success was no longer available for me, and it was smacking me in the face.

Have you ever felt that way?

A lot of people whine about not having the resources or whatever to accomplish their goals–I’m not talking about that feeling.

That’s being a victim, and that’s not what I’m about.

But have you ever actually hit your goals and realized, “is this all there is?”

Fortunately for me, I was able to find the world of internet marketing, and hope was once again restored.

I’m hoping you’ll dive in and taste the freedom that comes with building your own success, instead of hoping, wishing and waiting for someone to hand it to you.

Believe it or not, that may not actually be how success is achieved.  It’s earned, never given nor received.