The Opportunity It Has Afforded

Every rose has it’s thorn, its’ true.  But every rose also has beautiful petals and a glorious fragrance as well!

The internet lifestyle is one that is “against the grain” still, as of April 2016.

People understand there is power to be leveraged on the internet, and some are pulling it off successfully; however, the overall general stigma of the “internet lifestyle” is that of a slacker, a lazy bum, or otherwise sleazy salesman.

We, as a people, fear what we don’t understand.

All people really understand are results and, unfortunately, money is the main result that ties us all together.

Why that is?  That’s a different discussion for a different day.

But I can still remember my first internet “mailbox check” to this day–the feeling was indescribable.

I was still working a nine to five job and living with my mom and step dad at the time.

They knew I was discontent with my career because I had hit a plateau and had no more room for advancement in my current position.

I’ll never forget my step-dad handing me the envelope saying, “what’s click bank?” as my mom watched on.

I gave a brief explanation of what I was doing with some affiliate marketing stuff and they both couldn’t help but be intrigued.  They saw the check; therefore, they believed.

But it didn’t stop there!

I took that check to my teller at my bank for deposit, and she gave me the same crooked look I had gotten from my step-dad–“what’s click bank?” she asked.

I told her that this was a bi-weekly check I would be depositing from some YouTube promotion I had been doing.  Her face instantaneously lit up.  She saw the check, and she believed.

With passive income streams building, the freedom it afforded began to multiply as well.

I found myself taking time to do things I enjoyed doing–disc golf, kayaking, going over to my girlfriend’s house late at night not worrying about how early I would have to wake up.

Because the money was real, the opportunity was real, I was able to stand on it.  Not only stand on it, but grow that residual income.

During this process, a brand new world was opened to me.  A world without the restriction of time in most cases, and a world with a brand new perspective on what money is, as well as what money isn’t.

Jim Rohn was correct in saying that what you receive when you “arrive” is nothing compare to what you become!

The opportunities available to us via the internet are endless.  Literally unfathomable to our minds because of our scarcity programming that we’re force fed.

But a greater life exists, and we all have the potential to tap into it.

There are internet millionaires being made all the time–are you one of them?

What It Cost Me

I had found a new passion, which was awesome!  You can check it out to this day over at, but what was more exciting is the potential that this passion had to completely change my life.

If you’re still reading this blog, it’s because you understand, at least at some level, the doors that internet marketing can open for you.  I say that, and you know that, because the ability to make money a non-factor in life, combined with a lack of having to punch a time card is an exciting proposition to say the least.

As you embark on the journey though, beware, as not everyone will be able to see, nor will they be able to understand your new passions and the doors you believe could open soon for you.

This became very real for me early in my entrepreneurial days.  Like most internet entrepreneurs, I was jacked with new knowledge and I had a desire to take some massive action out the gate.  Because I was inspired to do things such as building websites, working on SEO, advertising, you name it–other areas in my life took a bit of a hit.

One relationship in particular, with my high school sweetheart, ended due to my passion for unlocking the world of internet marketing.

She liked to go out, like to party and hit the bars–I saw that not only as a waste of money, but a waste of time that I could be spending on building our future.

As it turned out, our future became my future, as she was unable to see the vision. And as sweet of a girl as she was, if she couldn’t see and understand that I was trying to build our future, then I had no place for her in my life–not to mention all the other habits of hers that didn’t necessarily sit well with me.

I tell you that to tell you this–the road toward building your internet empire is going to be one with many obstacles that will come in many forms and fashions.

If this type of life is something that you desire, then you must realize that it must also be the thing you dedicate yourself to.

Understand that the person you’ll become when you have built your empire is not the person that you are now–you will endure a change  And while change is scary, rest assured that this change will be one that you welcome, as it has come about because you have deiced to follow your goals and you have taken action in achieving them.

You will take losses along the way, but I hope that you will endure, as the rewards are more than worth it for me, and I hope the same for you.

Exploring Other Options

So I’ve told you how I spent my life dedicated toward getting  college degree in the first post.

Doing my time, putting in my hours working in everything from a SallieMae call center to Serving at the neighborhood Applebee’s to running a moulder over at FAH Woods, which is an architectural millwork company–all for what I thought was the “American dream.”

Now I’m going to tell you how I woke up to the power of the internet and created a site where you can purchase rap beats and use them on your YouTube videos, mixtapes, what have you.

Pretty cool huh?

I would work the nine-to-five, well, actually three-to-eleven shift and would come home to chill for a few hours before I head to bed.

Getting home near midnight and trying to get to sleep late lead to late nights, which in turn lead to late mornings.

When you’re going to bed around two or three in the morning, you tend to get up around eleven or noon–just in time to get some food, get yourself together and go do it all again.

Needless to say, and I’m sure you can empathize, this cycle was one that wouldn’t be lasting much longer.

Sure, I was doing good work, producing for a community that I love and making a decent living while doing it.

But I was on someone else’s terms, working for someone else’s dreams.

It was the Christmas of 2010.  I was 24 years old and my dad and grandma went together to buy me a keyboard to use with a basic software program I was using to create music.

I don’t remember how it happened after that, but someone used some clever marketing to get me to sign up for  an info product that basically provided a blueprint on how to set up and run an online business selling your beats online.

Needless to say, with where I was at in my life, this sounded too good to be true.

And for a long time, the self-sabatoging I was doing made it too good for it to be true for me.

But once I snapped out of it, the money actually started coming in.

Imagine getting notifications on your phone–not from texts, calls or voicemails, but notifications of payments received from PayPal.

Have you ever been throwing disc golf and made a couple hundred dollars on auto pilot?

Well I have, and I’ve got to say, the feeling is second to very few unmentionables that I can think of.

Want to learn more?  Check out the system that spells it out step by step.  The system that I didn’t necessarily start with, but definitely the one that has helped me gain the most clarity on what it is that I’m actually doing when marketing online.

Discontentment: The Beginning

My plan was the stereotypical, run of the mill, middle-class aspiring white kid.

Go to school, graduate, head off to college, do your thing and get yourself a degree.

It was awesome really–mostly because, for me, it seemed easy enough, and it was a confidence booster that I could handle the challenges associated with obtaining the goals I had set for myself.

After getting my degree, I continued in my grunt-work call center job for a couple months before I was able to land a job that had anything to do with the field I graduated in.

Once I finally did break into the the psychology world, at an entry-level group home worker, I thought I had really arrived–I mean, come on, it was my first big boy job, ya know?

After about six months of putting my hours in, and doing good work mind you, I was “promoted” to a case manager that got to work in the field.

After working with low-income children and their families for another year or so, my initial group home asked me to come back and take the head honcho role at the home I once worked at.

Boy, did I think I was the bees neez?

Little did I know that obtaining a job in my field and getting two promotions within my first two years landed me at basically my ceiling within the company, making about half the salary I had imagined I’d be making by following this path.

That’s when it all kicked in.  If I was gong to live this life I had in my mind, I was going to have to do it start making some moved for myself, because I realized that it was not going to be given to me easily–like a lot of things in my life up to this point.

The “path” that my parents and their parents could take to success was no longer available for me, and it was smacking me in the face.

Have you ever felt that way?

A lot of people whine about not having the resources or whatever to accomplish their goals–I’m not talking about that feeling.

That’s being a victim, and that’s not what I’m about.

But have you ever actually hit your goals and realized, “is this all there is?”

Fortunately for me, I was able to find the world of internet marketing, and hope was once again restored.

I’m hoping you’ll dive in and taste the freedom that comes with building your own success, instead of hoping, wishing and waiting for someone to hand it to you.

Believe it or not, that may not actually be how success is achieved.  It’s earned, never given nor received.